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I Cannot Support Donald Trump

If Mr. Trump secures the nomination, and eventually the Presidency, it must be without the support of Christians. Christians cannot, under any circumstances, vote for Donald Trump, without betraying their faith. While we are not voting for a Pastor in Chief, if we are to support a person, and put our name and witness with that individual, there are certain obligations we have, as followers of Christ. That person must be completely honest and trustworthy, promote integrity, fairness, and resolve. He or she must possess not just wisdom, but the always present and identifiable humility exhibited by every great leader. ...see more

A Christian can never, for any reason, support a candidate that supports abortion, never mind one whom supports partial birth abortion. Support for this barbarism is as evil as the act itself, where the most precious and vulnerable, the unborn child, God's child, is executed. To condone this is to spit directly into the face of the Almighty, and to empower those who defend this brutality as a woman's right to choose is an abomination before God. ...see more

While abortion is the only reason necessary, there are several reasons why a Christian can never support Trump. Ranging from the easily identifiable, such as his constant delve into the negative- by attacking women's looks, making fun of the handicap, calling people stupid, liars, nasty, disgraceful, calling pow's losers, etc, to much more important matters of policy, such as his complete lack of support for the Nation of Israel and its struggle to keep its citizens (Christ's people) safe, or his desire to torture/kill family members of suspected terrorists as a way of gaining information, and deterring attacks. In addition, Trump displays a level of dishonesty and vitriol, from a major candidate for President, unmatched perhaps in this country's history. For a non-politician, Trump is a SNL skit of the quintessential politician, saying any and everything needed, depending who he's talking to. ...see more

Now, after having read these things, hopefully having followed the links I've provided, as well as done your own independent research, you can see that we are not talking about a wolf in sheep's clothing, but rather a beast in wolf's clothing. Likewise, you should see clearly that you as a Christian, forbidden by faith, cannot possibly support Donald Trump, even if he wins the nomination and faces Clinton. If he is to win the Presidency, it can never be written in the Book of Man that he did so with the help of Christians. If you have not followed the links, please understand that it is not by accident that you have arrived at this site. You have been brought here for a purpose. You have been brought here to act. You have been guided here to be a part of a great awakening, to commit before the world that you can never support Donald J Trump for President, no matter what. It is important that we stand together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, and with one resounding voice, make this statement. ...see more

It is not enough to just agree with us, and go about your way. Not this time. We need your voice, along with ours. Alone, our voice is silent, but united its the sound of a freight train. For this to have any effect, you must stand with us. To make a real commitment, one just needs to simply sign the pledge. All that is required is a valid email address, this ensures that you are not a robot. Only the first and last objects in your email address - (example: T****** will be displayed to anyone who views the List. Your actual email address is encrypted, and will never be shared with anyone.


    Awaken the body of Christ

    It is on us as Christians to wake up and stand together for our principles. We will not replace our hope with our anger, and we will not take up the mark of the beast. Instead, we will express to the world that we already have our King.